About Us

Led by top-rated forensic accounting expert Randy Orr, the team at Orr Forensic Accounting, Newport Beach, CA, is committed to serving legal professionals and their clients with the highest levels of integrity and diligence.

We make use of the most advanced forensic tools and technology to provide persuasive testimony at trial, arbitration, or mediation on behalf of our clients.

Randy Orr

Randy Orr is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, and is certified in Financial Forensics.

Daryl Lowenstein

Daryl attended UC Santa Barbara and graduated in 2012 with a split BA degree in Economics/Mathematics and a minor in Statistics, achieving this in only 3 years. 

Cassie Orr

Cassie Orr is Director at Orr Forensic Accounting. After graduating from Vanguard University with a Bachelor’s in Business and Organizational Management, she earned her paralegal certificate from California State Dominguez Hills.

Exceptional Track Record of Performance

Our extremely competent and client-focused team of forensic experts, headed by Randy Orr, has helped clients achieve their goals by providing robust investigative accounting and consultation services.

Orr Forensic Accounting has assisted in deeply complex investigations using state of the art forensic technology to review and analyze thousands of documents to discover critical information to support our clients.

Law firms, in-house legal counsel, and organizations in various fields have relied on our deep domain expertise in financial investigation, auditing, and forensic accounting to strengthen their cases.

We are highly motivated to determine what, where, how, why, and who compromised the facts, and identify and establish inconsistencies, irregularities, and fraudulent engagements using the full power of investigative knowledge and experience.

Key Areas of Assistance

  • Calculation of economic damages
  • Business valuation
  • Accounting for mergers & acquisitions
  • Bankruptcy and insolvencies
  • Divorce, marital and family law
  • Bribery and fraud investigations
  • Insurance claims
  • Business crime and breach of ethics
  • International accounting issues

Key Services

Our forensic accounting team will deliver clear and concise accounting assessments that stand up to stringent legal scrutiny. We provide wide-ranging services including:

  • Litigation services
  • Expert witness testimonies
  • Arbitration and mediation services

Core Values

At Orr Forensic Accounting, all our decisions and reports are based upon the commitment to adhere to the highest ethical values.

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards in all our actions. We perform every forensic accounting job with complete dedication and virtuosity, driven by a passion for excellence in all our commitments.

Family Law Litigation

Property Division, Hidden Assets, Marital Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Analysis for Spousal & Child Support, and More

Business Litigation

Fraud Investigation, Economic Damages, Partnership Disputes, Lost Earnings, Class Action Claims Analysis, Wage and Hour cases.


Financial Reports Manipulation Investigation, Fraud Investigation, Fraud Prevention & Training, Corporate Governance, and More

Local Governments

Investigate Suspicious Transactions, Entities and Activities, Litigation Support for Civil & Criminal Cases and More