Free Xspouse Computation

As part of our comprehensive forensic accounting and financial investigation services, we are offering law firms and in-house legal counsel an advanced software-based solution to accurately compute spousal and child support amounts.

This service is completely free for Family Law Attorneys.

Xspouse – Accurate Computation of Spousal and Child Support Payments

In California, spousal and child support amounts are based on complex calculations that will take multiple factors into account. To ensure the accuracy of these computations, we at Orr Forensic rely on the Xspouse automated program, which has been approved by the Judicial Council for use in California courts.

We are happy to offer this service without any cost to all our lawyer clients in California.

Highlights of our free Xspouse Computation Service

  • Accuracy: Accurate computation of both spousal and child support
  • Speed: Reports delivered the same day or the next business day
  • Expertise: Computation performed by a Senior Accountant
  • Privacy: Secure and confidential reporting
  • Usability: Report prepared and emailed directly to you in PDF format
  • Security: Use our secure file transfer site to upload your documents.

Why do you Need Xspouse?

Traditional calculation methods have plenty of room for error, particularly when the assets are complex or the income sources disparate.

Even basic figures such as the net income on the paycheck may differ from the actual year-end net income. This is where the Xspouse can perform a key role to accurately compute the net income and correctly determine the amount of support.

Orr Forensic has advanced skills and years of experience in using software and tools such as Xspouse. We will not merely enter the client’s information into a database to generate an automated support amount. We will carefully go through every line of the generated report and cross-check it to make sure that the support payment is accurate.

At Orr Forensic, empowering Family Law Attorneys is a core pillar. Should you need any changes to be made in the report, we are happy to help – again, at no charge!