Substitution of A Forensic Accountant

Substitution of Forensic Accountant

When you hire the services of a forensic accountant, you expect to get the job done because the financial stakes are high and failure is not an option. However, not all forensic accountants are equally adept at handling complex accounting data and records properly. Many issues require domain expertise. At Orr Forensic, we have the experience and the expertise to swiftly address the most demanding requests of clients and their attorneys and help them achieve their goals in complicated accounting cases.

We will Review Your Past Work and Files at Our Expense

If you choose us to take over from where your previous forensic accountant left, we will review all your files comprehensively and get up to speed in an efficient and time-bound manner. We will not charge you to get up to speed.
You won’t have to pay us anything for this service. We will conduct a thorough exercise to get updated with your files at our own expense. Our forensic team, led by Randy Orr, will work with a single-minded commitment to protect your assets.

Choose us for Most Competent Forensic Accounting Services

  • Business Litigation Consulting
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Valuation
  • Cash Flow Reports
  • Acquisitions and Investment Due Diligence

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If you are looking for a substitute forensic accountant, we are among the best in the business you can choose. Our clients trust us because they know how far we will go to dig out the truth using the most advanced accounting skills and tools at our disposal. If you are ready to gain the critical advantage in your case, schedule a meeting with us today!