Brokerage Fraud Investigation

Brokerage fraud is a serious challenge, which claims thousands of unsuspecting victims each year.

At Orr Forensic in Orange County, we are equipped with professional skills and tools to investigate brokerage fraud and protect the financial interests of investing firms as well as individual investors from different walks of life.

Account statements usually contain subtle telltale signs, which our forensic experts can detect and establish that the statements have been doctored in order to conceal fraud. From experience, we know that broker misconduct and investment fraud can assume many forms.

If you suspect brokerage fraud, our forensic accounting team can perform an investigative analysis of your portfolio to determine if brokerage fraud has caused you to suffer financial losses. Here are some of the types of investment and securities issues we investigate regularly for our clients.

Misconduct and Fraud Related to Bonds

Brokers offer bonds as a safe investment, but bond fraud could cost an investor a large part of their portfolio and/or retirement savings. Orr Forensic has the expertise to identify and establish bond fraud to protect your interests.

A Broker’s Vested Interest in a Deal

A broker is supposed to assist your property transaction where they do not have any personal interest except their fee or commission.

However, if the broker arranges a deal in real estate, mortgage, stocks, bonds, insurance, or commodities where they have a vested interest or possession of the property, we can track down their linkage to show a breach of fiduciary duty.

Excessive Trading and Portfolio Churning

We can alert you if your broker is conducting excessive trading and churning in your stock account without any regard for your financial goals – just to make more commissions. This is a type of investment fraud, which can cost you heavily over time.

Selling Fraudulent Investment Products

We can review your portfolio to determine whether your broker has sold you fraudulent investment products just for their own unethical gain. We have the experience to identify and investigate:

Non-Traded REITs

We can determine for you whether the sponsor of a non-traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) made appropriate disclosures, and whether the broker made excessive commissions from it.

Junk Bonds

If you were looking for stable investments, but your broker sold you junk bonds, which are below investment grade with a high default risk, it could constitute brokerage fraud. We can help you identify them.

Structured Notes

If your broker sold you this complex hybrid security product with hidden costs, and without you being adequately informed of the high risks involved, we can help you identify the fraud.

Ponzi Schemes

If a broker promised you high returns by showing a lucrative investment, which was actually a scam using money from new investments to pay previous investors, we have to expertise to discover such Ponzi schemes.

Asset Overconcentration

If the broker has pushed you towards creating an over-concentrated portfolio, it may not be easy to detect because the portfolio may have multiple mutual funds and other holdings. We can help you identify this anomaly, which could have increased your investment risk substantially.

Unauthorized Trading

This is a common brokerage fraud where the broker may have made certain transactions through your non-discretionary investment account without obtaining your explicit permission.

Our forensic accounting experts will investigate whether your broker has engaged in unauthorized trading with a goal of portfolio churning or some other unfair considerations.