Divorce Financial Planning

If you are contemplating a divorce, are in the middle of it, or have already finalized it, we at Orr Forensic in Orange County can help you with divorce financial planning at every stage.

With a sound financial plan, you will have clarity on where you are positioned in terms of your finances at present and how your post-divorce life will look like financially.

At Orr Forensic, we have deep domain knowledge and expertise as divorce financial planners. If during your marriage, you were not directly involved in household budgeting, paying the bills, buying insurance, or managing the investments, you can benefit very substantially from our divorce financial planning services.

Even if you have a divorce lawyer and/or a financial advisor by your side, with our specialized accounting and financial skills and services, you can transition financially to your new life much more successfully.

Services Offered as Your Divorce Financial Planners

• Preparing a personal financial analysis to help you plan prudently for your current and future finances
• Evaluating the long term and short term impacts of your divorce settlement in order to create a realistic financial plan for the future
• Provide professional advice and support on financial matters to the client as well as their attorney or other team members
• Prepare a detailed breakdown and analysis of marital finances
• Assist the client with a clear understanding of:

o Marital vs. personal property
o Alimony and child support
o Valuation of and division of assets and debts
o Taxation implications and viable solutions
o Splitting house options
o Pension and retirement planning: estimating present and future valuations; suggestions about handling retirement plans such as 401K, IRA, and pension

• If transferred business interests are involved, helping ensure that certain tax attributes do not get forfeited

Your Go-To Financial Specialists for Divorce Cases

Orr Forensic in Orange County is your go-to financial specialist to guide and support you through the divorce process and beyond. We not only have the expertise to identify financial discrepancies to protect your interests, but also possess top skills and experience in divorce financial planning.

We will proactively work for you before, during and after the divorce in the areas such as:

• Guiding you on which assets could be the most or least beneficial to your settlement
• Demystifying difficult-to-value investments and businesses to help you make informed moves
• Watching out for potentially adverse tax consequences
• Helping you chart a secure financial course of action post divorce

Our goal is to ensure that you receive peace of mind with regard to the financial fairness of the settlement, provide you objectivity in an emotional situation, and help you keep focus on protecting your personal financial interests throughout the process.

Post Divorce Guidance and Planning

Once your divorce is finalized, astute financial planning can help ensure that your post-divorce saving, spending and investing are carefully managed. As part of the post-divorce financial planning process, we at Orr Forensic can help you address the following aspects:

• Monitoring and advising on your credit report
• Change of beneficiaries in retirement accounts and life insurance
• Restructuring of your trust or will
• Follow-up and monitoring of the asset transfers as specified in the settlement
• Changing titles of personal assets, such as house and car
• Opening of new personal financial accounts and credit cards
• Planning for potential tax liabilities arising from asset sale or alimony receipt
• Developing an investment plan based on your new income and personal life goals

While a divorce can be an incredibly overwhelming period in anyone’s life, our team of financial experts at Orr Forensic is committed to making this process easier and secure for you through comprehensive divorce financial planning.